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RE: vlan.dat posted 12/18/2005
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Hey Ray,

This depends on which lab you're talking about.

If you're referring to the real lab, then you should check the lab booklet -
it will tell you if vlan have already been created.  If they have, you
definitely will want to confirm that and bring to the proctors attention any
discrepancy between what is there and what should be there.

If you're talking about practice labs, I personally like to start with a
clean slate as I never want to try troubleshooting problems that shouldn't
be there if I had started from known start point.

But, that's a decision you have to make.  You can take the time to clean up
the Cat's from the getgo or risk spending extra time because of legacy
config's that weren't removed.

You make the call.

HTH, Tim

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Hi Group,
Is it recommended to delete the vlan.dat file on the cats before proceeding
with the lab? Is there any point?


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