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No default-router on ipv6 stateless autoconfig posted 12/18/2005
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While doing an exercise, I have two routers on the same segment with
ipv6 enabled.

I'm asked that the hosts on that segment only use one of the routers as

This asks that one of the routers do not advertise itself as

Searching for the command possibilities, I found three (possible) ways
of doing this:

1) Stopping the router to send Router Advertisements (RA) at all ---
ipv6 nd ra-suppress

2) Announcing the configured prefix manually, but clearing the R bit ---
ipv6 nd prefix XXXX::/64 no-rtr-address

3) Setting the RA lifetime to 0 --- ipv6 nd ra-lifetime 0.

Both Doyle and Doc CD tend to use the third option, but I'd like to know
if the first two options are viable within the lab context.

Thank you

PS. Doc CD link for lifetime:

Gustavo Novais