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Re: WAY OT: What would you do? posted 12/16/2005
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To each their own - you have your opinion and they have theirs.

As I heartedly admitted, my coworkers have taken neither the R&S lab nor the Security lab. And I can only comment at my own futility at the R&S lab. Their folly, not mine.


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Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 3:44 PM
Subject: RE: WAY OT: What would you do?

Well, if your coworkers think the CCIE security cert is an easier cert than
R&S, believe me they are in for a big surprise.....

Just as big of a surprise maybe as the first time I attempted the security

And that with a CCIE R&S,CCSP and extensive experience in



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Sent: vrijdag 16 december 2005 14:53
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Subject: Re: WAY OT: What would you do?

Hi Stuart,

Interesting question - and I've flirted with the same idea myself recently.

2 coworkers of mine decided they wanted a CCIE in something (they both have
the CCNP and CCSP - as do I). They both decided to go for the CCIE Security

track. Their reasoning was they felt that the Security track was going to
be an easier cert than the R& S cert. They felt that the Security track was

more focused on 1 area rather than the R&S track that seems to take a little

from a bunch of different areas. At first, I was puzzled by their statement

as I had never considered their view (I have been a victim of the R&S lab
too many times to count).  Perhaps they are on to something, but I've
invested so much time in the R&S, I'm sticking with the R&S.

They did acknowledge 2 challenges, though, with their decision to focus on
the Security track:
1-not as many 3rd-party vendors offer quality study material for Security vs

2-it may be more difficult (ie -expensive) to acquire a lab for Security.

As for me? I still look to the day when I can have both an R&S and Security

CCIE under my signature.  But, with my first little one on the way, who


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To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 4:49 AM
Subject: WAY OT: What would you do?

Guys and Gals,

Little bit of advice needed, my dilemma is as follows.

I'm currently studying for my R&S Lab and have quite a lot to do before
I'll be ready.  Also a colleague of mine is currently studying for his
CCSP and will then be going on to his Security Lab as this is what he
prefers (finds it more interesting), I had also thought of doing this as
Security is interesting and is a growth area.

I was chatting to a couple of new hire CCIE's to my company and they have
said to me not to bother doing the R&S but to go down the CCSP (or Voice
if I wanted) route and then do the Security lab in a year or so. At first
I thought no, but they were talking to me about the job market (in the UK)
and were saying that whenever they had interviews they would be asked what
there CCIE was in (i.e R&S) and then what they specialized in (e.g
Security, Voice etc). Basically what they found was there's an abundant
supply of R&S CCIE's hence the requirements to specialize in something.
They were saying to me CCSP's are earning nearly as much as R&S CCIE's,
and if I did the Security lab I would be far more employable.

What do you think? If you were 6 months away from "attempting" (possibly
not passing) the R&S lab would you continue down that route or extend your
studying by 6-12 months and go down the more employable route?

I know it's a personal decision, but would appreciate the opinion of you
guys.  This does really only relate to the UK job market.  Also I
appreciate that for some the main reason to do the CCIE is not financial
incentive, but that is a major factor for most.




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