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RE: IEWB3.0 lab 13 task 10.3 -- Netflow?? posted 12/14/2005
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As far as I know the 5 minute average can be calculated with an
application based on the netflow stats. I don't think they were
intending on getting this info directly off the router.

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Subject: IEWB3.0 lab 13 task 10.3 -- Netflow??


I'm having a doubt relatively to the interpretation of this question and
what should be its answer.

The question states:

"Your manager as expressed interest in finding out what kind of
application users on vlan X are using while at office. Configure R6 to
collect information about application traffic being sent to and received
from vlan X and store it locally.

This accounting should include both the total number of packets sent and
received as well as a 5 Minute utilization average."

According to this I see the keyword "application"  meaning ports used,
therefore we are talking about flows. So, I can discard IP accounting
(that only accounts SrcIP DstIP, not  full flow).

The problem is that by enabling netflow on the interface with ip flow
egress and ip flow ingress when I do sh ip cache flow I do not see the
"5minute utilization average".

Is my interpretation correct and we are talking about netflow here?


Gustavo Novais

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