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RE: Using labs/ workbooks to be most effective posted 12/07/2005
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Hi group,

Speaking generally, when working though work books (labs) when you
come across a question you don't know or have not got a clue on  when
do you decide to look at the solutions guide??

I have done a few labs now and find my self looking at the solution
guide a lot. (is this common) Partly, because I am renting rack time
and need to move forward on the them before my time runs out others
it's just a dead end. But most of the time when I do see the solution
I kick myself, because I know the solution but for some reason or
another it just does not come to me......

I understand that the labs are designed to help you learn, so getting
everything right first time is not the expectation I just wanted to
know how everyone else uses labs/ workbooks to be most effective.