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Frame-Relay fragmentation posted 10/31/2005
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I was working through the doc CD, where it stated something about the
FRF.12 inherently allows all voice traffic to pass-through unfragmented,
while fragmenting the data packets to the specific length.  So, can I
assume that if a lab states to fragment all packets above 53 bytes (the
default), and allow voice to be unfragmented....then you may simply
configure "frame-relay fragment" command under the specific frame
map-class or interface, along with the frame-relay traffic-shaping
interface command?

I almost want to believe that priority queuing is needed, but am
confused on which way to go here (sometimes we make things more
complicated then they really are).  Thoughts?

Dave Schulz,
Email: dschulz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dschulz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx >