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CCIE #15277 at Brussels Today posted 10/28/2005
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Hi all,

Today I travelled to Brussels for my second attempt at the Routing and
Switching CCIE lab.  To my delight the exam seemed far less of a mountain to
climb than the last attempt.  I felt fairly confident after finishing the
Lab (having said that I felt confident the last time!!).

I sat in the airport sipping on what I felt was a well deserved Pint of
Stella Artois.  After the second pint :), the doubts started to creep in -
Did I really put a permit any any on the end of that Deny ACL,  Should that
have been a mac ACL, of a VLAN  Map, did I use the right RP,  did I
advertise the right summary into the Backbone.
By the time I arrived in the UK I was far from the confident guy who left
the lab (somewhat sober) 4 hours earlier.

I got home, and with baited breath, my wife and 3 kids watched me download
my email - and there it was an email from Cisco 'CCIE Lab Score Report'.
Okay, followed the link, IE seemed to take an age to boot up - put in my
Candidate ID, and then forgot when I had taken the written!!!  Could not log
in :(  Spent around 30 minutes looking for my old written score report,
found it, finally I could log in.

There it was ----  PASS  CCIE 15277  ---- I was jumping around the room with
delight, could not contain my excitement.
After what seemed like a good 18 months of reading books, configuring
routers, reading books, configuring routers, reading group study etc etc it
had finally happened, I had got my number.

I truly believe that without everybody who cares to contribute to Group
Study, I would not have had this success, I thank you all.  I really do want
to pick out some for special mention
Tim ccie2be (now is!!) -  Tim without your probing questions, our long MSN
conversations, and the odd R&S curveball I do not think so much would have
sunk in.
Scott Morris - A true Guru -  Scott you knowledge is truly encyclopeadic,
and your contributions well thought out.  The dose of humour is always
Chris Lewis - Chris your posts and assistance on all things QOS is awesome -
Bruce Caslow - For picking me up and dusting me down after my first attempt.
Bruce thanks for the NMC library and the overall Lab strategy.
The two Brians - IE workbooks - solid labs that really help after reading
all the theory!!  Thanks for responding to Q's when clarity was required.
Gladston - Our regular exchanges on various technologies in the past.
Particularly a clearer understanding of SRTCM - certainly came in handy
Jongsoo Kim - Jongsoo's pre lab checklist was an inspiration.  If you have
not seen it check out the archives!!

I also need to thank my wife Andrea and my 3 children for putting up with a
bear with a sore head for most weekends over the last 8 months.  No more
'labbing' till Xmas - I promise honey!!

I think that is about it for now, another Stella and off to bed

Simon Hart
CCIE #15277
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