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RE: RIP triggered posted 10/25/2005
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Ooo La La...  That fancy french wording.  ;)  Well, what to make of it.  As
you have discovered in your labbing, "ip rip triggered" won't help very much
when one of the participating interfaces is indeed RIP.

I hate to make that the only substance to my post, but I haven't paid
attention to the thread before this and was just amused by the phrase...
You know... That prima facie skimming and all.



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I don't see how "ip rip triggered" is the solution to prevent an ISDN link
from constantly flapping, given that RIP is running across it.
Because when the link goes down, this constitutes a change in topology and
therefore a triggered update. This is the result I keep getting, so how do
you prevent it if snapshot routing is not an option? Do you exclude RIP from
the interesting traffic? But then that would mean no updates unless the link
is up...quoi faire?



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