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VTP table revision posted 10/25/2005
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Hi guys,

I know one has to be very careful when adding a new switch (with the default
VTP server mode) to an existing switched VTP network because if the new
switch has the wrong table revision #, it could wipe out or replace all the
existing vlans.  ( I rmember that much but forget some of the details).

This has me thinking about a couple things:

1. Do I want to make sure the VTP table revision # on the new switch is
lower or higher than existing VTP servers?

2. What specific changes cause the VTP table revision to change?

For example,  does changes the properties of a vlan eg. mtu, cause a VTP
table # revision?  Does adding and deleting a vlan cause the table # to also
change?  Are all changes done between VTP advertisements counted as 1 table

I'd appreciate any guidance that can be offered here.

TIA, Jim