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RE: Switch Vlan database. posted 10/17/2005
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I've run into similar situations where vlans I've created don't show up
where I expect them to on vtp clients.

I'm not 100% sure what the reason is.  Maybe I was too impatient and if I
had just waited a little longer it would show up or something else was going
on - I couldn't always figure it out.  Maybe, it was because I forgot to
save my config after creating the vlans - I don't know.

But, I have found one command that sometimes helps:

State active.  This command forces the vlan to show up in the show vlan
brief output even if no port is assigned to that vlan on that switch.

Re: root for a given vlan; This is based on STP and is totally independent
of VTP (where vlan is create). So, just use the spantree command to make a
given switch the root for a given vlan.  Check the doc's for the command

HTH, Tim 

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Hello gruop,

I have got such a question. When for example I have 2 directly connected 
switches and one is in server mode second in client mode. I configure the 
vlan database on the fist one...


the first switch has just VlanA access port. SW2 has only vlanC and vlanD 
and we want SW1 to become the root for VLAN B.

1. When this is configured evertything is just fine. But after rebooting. 
Switch one has only vlanA in its database.. hence nothing for SW2 and not 
VlanB. I can't unerstand this since prunning is not enabled. What could it 
be?? The vlan database is stored in vlan.dat file as far as I understand and

should be the same after rebooting what should it be??

2. If in the task is not explicitely told should we set extra access port 
for VlanB. To make it a root port.

and general question. I heared some advises to reboot all the devices to 
check that everything is fine during the lab. Is this also recommended for 


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