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RE: 3550 retained config after write erase [bcc][faked-from] posted 09/09/2005
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Try and delete the file vlan.dat and make sure you save your config with
VTP mode set to transparent if your Cat 3550 is connected to another
switch that is setup as a VTP server

Marc Russell
Network Learning, Inc. (A Cisco Learning Partner) (Cisco Training)

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Subject: 3550 retained config after write erase [bcc][faked-from]
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Despite executing 'write erase' followed by reload I noticed the vtp
name along with any previously configured vlans still appearing in the
config. As you may know the default vtp mode is 'Server'. However I had
manually set this to 'Transparent' - this didn't go away too after the

Show vlan displays vlans existing before write erase, as active?
I expected the equivalent of 'clear config all' was 'write erase'

It seems to clear the rest of the config...  e.g hostname, intf settings
etc. Nothing is attached to the switchports where it could dynamically
this information. Even if it did how this does explain the retention of
domain name?

Image c3550-i5q3l2-mz.121-13.EA1a (I've not b/scrubbed it yet)

Ajaz Nawaz

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