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RE: RIP Unicast Update [bcc][faked-from][bayes] posted 08/26/2005
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It really depends on the exact wording of the question.
Say you have routerA and routerB on the same VLAN.

If the question stated that routerB was the only router on the VLAN that
should receive RIP information, and that you couldn't use the passive
interface command, you could use a neighbor statement in conjunction with a
layer 3 ACL (blocking traffic with a destination of applied to
the switch port attached to router A.

Marvin Greenlee, CCIE#12237, CCSI# 30483
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Hi all,
I know there are multiple ways to configure RIP unicast update but I only
clear and know how to configure via <passive interface and neighbor>
command. I know the other method is NAT but I do not know how to configure
it. Could someone has experience and shed some configuration example to me


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