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Re: Getting and Staying Motivated posted 08/26/2005
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Other than the fact that I like learning to be honest I hate to lose as well. I like achieving, if it wasnt the CCIE it would likely be something else, even basketweaving :) If I start something I've got to finish it. Otherwise, I would always be wondering what the end result really would be if I quit halfway...



----- Original Message ----- From: "Lee Donald" <Lee.Donald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Guyler, Rik" <rguyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 8:29 AM
Subject: RE: Getting and Staying Motivated

There's nothing wrong with that Rik.

Keep going, it's not for Cisco, it's for you....................

-----Original Message----- From: Guyler, Rik [mailto:rguyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: 26 August 2005 13:14 To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: RE: Getting and Staying Motivated

Man, I keep torturing myself because I'm stubborn. I'm no geek and I'm not
really driven (although I used to be). My little two-year old daughter was
what it took for me to realize there is something other than Cisco out
there. Being 39 years old, I realized that I wasted too much time doing
things that just aren't that important to me. In my area, a CCIE might help
but probably not much. I'm pretty much at the top of the mountain in my
area and I'm not moving. I'm also not driving 50-60 miles one-way again
each day just to make a few grand more. Yes my friends, the blinders came
off when my baby was born.

So why do I keep banging my head against a stone mountain? Stubborness,
plain and simple. This thing has beaten me down twice but I keep getting
back up and asking for more. I hate losing...I hate giving up...I hate not
meeting a personal goal. Oh yes, I "own" a large all-Cisco network so I do
this stuff all day, every day in real life and that helps but it's not
enough so I bought a lab with the intention of torturing myself again and
again. I love learning new things for sure...that's why I started into this
field so many years ago but my daily activities provide enough of that. In
fact, my company has a great training program and I could explore all kinds
of new things if I so desired. But what do I always choose for training?
Cisco something or another. Why? Cause I'm stubborn and hate to lose. Did
I say that already?

My motivation is competition with myself, plain and simple. As long as I'm
still a competitor, I don't see that ever going away.


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From: cciein2006@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:cciein2006@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 3:41 PM
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Getting and Staying Motivated

A lot of times I get so busy at work or with chores around the house that I
barely have time to breath much less study. After a long day of staring at
router configurations or sniffer traces at work all day the last thing I
want to do is log into a router and start configuring BGP scenarios.

I was just wondering - what do you guys do to stay motivated during the long
journey to CCIE?

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