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Re: searching the groupstudy archives ... What's the best way? posted 08/15/2005
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I didn't realize you could specify the directory
(path) in the url when using the 'site:' thing.
That's cool.  I'll try it.


Quoting Brian Dennis <bdennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
        	You can narrow down your search by changing
        	This also works when searching the DocCD but the syntax is a
        little different:
        "port security +univercd/cc/td/doc/product/lan/c3550/12225se/3550scg/"
        	This will return results for "port security" that are in the
        12.2(25) 3550 configuration guide.
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        Subject: searching the groupstudy archives ... What's the best way?
        Is it just me or is this list very hard to
        google: <key-words>
        	Only provides a page with 50 gazillion
        	differnt emails.  The list of these emails
        	has the one that matched the search --
        	somewhere within the page.
        groupstudy search engine:
        	Ain't any better.
        How do you guys search for stuff in the groupstudy
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