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IE vol-1, lab-3, task 5.24-5.30 posted 07/25/2005
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Redistribution is done between OSPF and EIGRP at r1 and at r2, between RIP and OSPF r5, and  between RIP and EIGRP at r6. 
At r1 and r2 OSPF external is assigend distance of 171 otherwise because of mutual redistribution every redistributed route (even RIP that was redistributed in EIGRP) will show as OSPF E2 because of admin distance of 110 which is less that EIGRP external admin distance of 170.  That works fine.

The same logic also applies to r5 which is redistributing RIP to OSPF and then r2 is redistributing OSPF to EIGRP, and r1 is redistributing EIGRP to OSPF and is advertising the RIP routes back to r5 which r5 originally redistributed into OSPF and can only be reached thru r5. So a command should be applied under OSPF process at r5 (distance ospf external 121) will fix this problem. Otherwise r5 will show r1 as next hop for RIP routes instead of BB2. This command does not show in the solution. 


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