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RE: OSPF - DNA? posted 07/24/2005
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For what I can see,

They mean Do Not Age, as in demand circuit, which is very similar to
virtual link if you think about it. (excepting only having to be to be
defined on both sides of the link). This saves the trouble of having to
forward over the virtual link every hello that occurs on OSPF. Are you
sure you didn't have at least a vlink with up?



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Subject: OSPF - DNA?

I was working in the lab with virtual links and tunnels on OSPF areas.
I noticed at one point where I have the tunnel built, but did not have
connectivity to area 0 completed from a remote (non-0) area.  I did a
show ip ospf database and received the following:

Link ID         ADV Router      Age         Seq#       Checksum     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0xD505     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0xE4F5     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0x4486     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0xA317     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0x2159     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0xA1F5     14          0x80000003 0xF658     9     (DNA) 0x80000001 0xC07C     1759        0x80000003 0xED73

I have never seen the "(DNA)" entry in this output before.  I can't seem
to locate a reference to it in the doc CD.  Anyone has any ideas on what
this means?


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