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Re: BGP real world question posted 07/20/2005
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Are you planning on using next-hop-self?  That would
influence the desicion in my mind.

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> I am converting my companies network from a hub and
> spoke frame relay design to a MPLS setup. There are 36
> sites. The sites do not have any need to send traffic
> to one another during normal operation but there are
> some point to point and ISDN circuits between some of
> the sites for use when the primary network is not
> available. We are going to run BGP between us and the
> MPLS provider.
> My question is whether it would be better to
> redistribute connected interfaces into BGP at the
> remote sites or to use BGP network statements. The
> main difference that I can see is that there would be
> less typing just to redistribute connected. Is there a
> compelling reason to choose either option?
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