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RE: ONLY one SPID on PPP multilink posted 07/16/2005
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Yes and no.

It will all depend on your ISDN switch configuration.  SPIDs are a
technically arbitrary thing anyway just as a reference point.

Your ability to place two phone calls to the same number or not will depend
on whether the switch is capable of supporting that.  In order to bring up a
second B channel, the second phone call must be placed.  Bonding multiple
channels is a PPP function, not an ISDN function.  So there is no D-channel
message or command to simply bring up the second line.

Watch the 'debug isdn q931' output and observe a completely separate phone
call.  If the switch supports multiple calls, it may work to the same
initial phone number as the first call.  If not, there will be a pause and
you'll need a second dialer map to complete the second call.  You would see
"user busy" in the debug output if this is the case.



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To: Dillon Yang; Group Study
Subject: Re: ONLY one SPID on PPP multilink

when talking about 1 (one) isdn circuit you are by definition talking about
(2) b channels.  you don't need to do anything else except for setting a
multilink and a load threshold.  the second spid (i would hazard a guess)
would apply to the second bri interface that would have 2 more b channels. 
there is a difference between placing another call and bringing up a second


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Subject: ONLY one SPID on PPP multilink

> Hi, group:
>  Generally, we can map two numbers to a destination IP to make the second 
> channel, but how can we initiate the seconde channel with ONLY one SPID 
> set in the ISDN simulation already?
> [two SPIDs]
> !
> interface BRI0/0
> ip address
> encapsulation ppp
> ip ospf demand-circuit
> dialer idle-timeout 60
> dialer map ip name R2 broadcast 1001018
> dialer map ip name R2 broadcast 1001019
> dialer-group 1
> isdn switch-type basic-ni
> isdn spid1 77710010160101 1001016
> isdn spid2 77710010170101 1001017
> no peer neighbor-route
> ppp authentication chap callout
> !
> ???
> dillon
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