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OSPF into BGP - Default route posted 07/08/2005
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I'm having a little trouble sending a default route into bgp from ospf.

I have my ospf network (ospf ip 10) and my bgp network (bgp as 102).

My redistribution line in the bgp config is:-

router bgp 102
 redistribute ospf 10 metric 1234 match internal external 1 external 2

I've got some loopbacks on one router going into ospf as E2 routes and
they redistribute just fine.  I've put the "default-information
originate" command in to pass out the default gateway, but it does not
appear in the routing table of the bgp only routers.

Do I need to add in "nssa-external 2" into the ospf redist ?

Many thanks in advance.

Leigh Harrison
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Azzurri Communications
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