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RE: Dialer Watch and Dialer Profiles posted 07/03/2005
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Thanks for the explanation.  Then, since these are mutually exclusive...can I
use the watch list without the interesting command statements?


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Sent: 7/3/2005 3:27 AM
Subject: RE: Dialer Watch and Dialer Profiles


I'm pretty sure that with dialer profiles you just use the dialer
command as with legacy DDR.  I think the only difference in the config
that with dialer profiles, you don't use the dialer map command for the
watched routes.

dialer watch is NOT mutually exclusive with interesting traffic.  Either
interesting traffic or a missing route can be the cause of the link


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Subject: Dialer Watch and Dialer Profiles

2 questions:

1.  Is it possible to use dialer watch within dialer profiles?  The only
examples on the Doc CD show them under the interface.  And, if this is
possible, how do you map it to the specific watch list route?

2.  If Dialer watch uses a route (read: absense of a route) to bring up
call....then why is it necessary to have a dialer-list/dialer-group for
interesting traffic, since the route controls whether the ISDN link
comes up
or not. Just trying to think like the router.

TIA...for any help on this one.


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