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Re: Something I Forgot to Ask the Proctor posted 01/08/2005
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Grading on the lab is very harsh.

As was already pointed out, for any group of tasks collectively assigned a
point value, it's all or none.

However, you can also lose lots of points due to interdependencies.

For example, let's say you've configured task B 100% correctly but it still
doesn't work

because task A isn't configured 100% correctly.

In this case, you lose all points for both task A and task B.

To make this example even more concrete, let's say you can't figure out how
to establish

connectivity over the ATM link to a backbone router and you also need to
configure some sort of

filtering or QoS over that ATM link. Each task, let's assume is worth 3
points, so right off the bat, you're down 6 points.

Then, in the IGP section, you're suppose to establish an IGP adjacency with
that same backbone router and also

advertise a summary route or a default route to the backbone.  You know this
stuff cold and configure your IGP

100% correctly. However, since you don't have layer 2 connectivity, you
still lose another 6 points for these tasks.

Now, you're down 12 points, but it gets worse.

You're now required to setup BGP peering over this ATM link and do some
traffic engineering.  Once again, you know this stuff well

and configure it correctly but still you lose all the points for these tasks
as well.  Now, you're down a total of 18 points.

You have only a 2 point margin of error for everything else on the lab.

Given this type of grading, the moral of the story is you must get the core
topics to have a remote chance of passing the lab.

HTH, Tim
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Subject: Something I Forgot to Ask the Proctor

> What is the verdict on this one?
> Does Cisco award partial credit for a task . . .for example - let's
> examine this hypothetical task (pardon its simpleness):
> IP Services
> 7.2 You need to configure R4 and R6 to obtain their time
> synchronization from R2 using NTP. You should use authentication of
> the NTP transfers.    (2 points)
> If your NTP is successful - but authentication is not (and NTP still
> works) - might you get 1 point?????
> You can see where I am going with this - if you are running out of
> time and you know you cannot do Part B - should you bother to do Part
> A - or does it do you no good?
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