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RE: RE : Alcatel 4035 IP Phones posted 01/05/2005
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True . I was meaning H323 Gateway Signaling earlier when I said TCP 1720.

An the reason why I was putting across my original question regarding Alcatel IP 4035 phones was , we do have an issue with one of my tail sites where I got 40 odd Cisco 7960s in one department and 20 odd Alcatel 4035s ( we just want to try different vendor products to see the relevant cost benefit analysis) in another department. And we do have WAN redundancy between this tail site to the HUB where CM is located.

Now the problem we are having is , when ever the primary Frame goes down , dialer watch kicks in and triggers the back up onramp30. And during that process all Cisco IP phones will happily work till the IP routing resumes in via ISDN backup. Meaning their signaling is intact.

But our Alcatel IP 4035 IP phones do have problem and when ever our primary Frame goes down , the phones drops out for a minute or 2 before come online again. And I do suspect that for some reason my current MQC signaling ACL may NOT be protecting the Alcatel's IP phones. And simple reason could be these guys may be using different set of Signaling ports ( I am currently matching TCP 1720 , TCP 2000 and TCP gt 3000) all together.

So I am not 100% on whether these signaling ports are "Vendor specific" or they universally same across all Voice players such as Cisco , Avaya and

So I appreciate if any one confirm this :-)


- David.

From: Richard Dumoulin <Richard.Dumoulin@xxxxxxxx>
To: David Duncon <david_ccie@xxxxxxxxxxx>, ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE : Alcatel 4035 IP Phones
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 08:19:47 -0000

TCP port 1720 is used for h323 I think. RTCP uses the odd ports in the same
range as RTP,

-- Richard

-----Message d'origine-----
De : David Duncon [mailto:david_ccie@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Envoyi : Wednesday, January 05, 2005 4:15 AM
@ : ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Objet : Alcatel 4035 IP Phones

Hi Group,

I was wondering what UDP port range (for RTP) and TCP port range (for RTCP) does Alcatel 4035 IP phones use ?

I am not sure on whether or not these ports are "vendor" specific ?

And like Cisco IP phones use udp 16384 to 32768 (for RTP) and tcp 1720 (for RTCP) , I would like to know ports the Alcatel 4035 IP phones use ?


- David

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