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Re: No joy posted 12/14/2004
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Trust me, you will conquer took me five times.  I guess I could
quote Anakin Skywalker "Well I am a slow learner..."

I would agree practice on actual gear is essential, as closely as you can
get to the actual lab helps.  My rack was somewhat limited at times but it
helped me get the core topics down pretty well.  Something thaty helped me
were lab books that were very very challenging---on levels even more
difficult than the actual exam topics.

There really was a point where certain things starting to gel in my mind---I
call those "aha" moments---in which certain things start to make sense.  For
me in my practice labs it was complex redistribution, wildcard masks, and
things of that nature.

Hang in there---but not by your neck.....
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From: "Keane, James" <James.Keane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Cc: "Georg Pauwen" <pauwen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 3:03 AM
Subject: No joy

> GS,
> Unfortunately I failed the lab on my first attempt yesterday - so when you
see all those emails with ccie numbers you know you are not alone.
> I suppose everybody takes different things from their experience but if
you HAVEN'T taken the lab before this is what I took from it -
> (a) Practice
> Practice on the gear, practice and when your done, go back practice,
theory is all well and good but realistically you probably know most of the
theory already, DON'T think that by reading some books and having experience
on the gear will carry you through ... it wont.
> (b) Lab Book
> Get a lab book, this is a great focus/direction for the theory and
practice - maybe a book camp might give you the same intensity - I honestly
don't know - my only fear with boot camps is that I would arrive and have to
share my 'pod' with another candidate.
> (c) Time-Management
> DON'T Dilly Dally - if you start double and triple checking things
(especially at the start) you burn valuable minutes.
> Its really hard to build a time schedule for the exam, as you don't know
how long different sections take ?!
> So practice moving fast, typing fast, concentrating and not making
> Try to hit the ground running !
> Finally
> I ran out of time, by the way when you start searching on the CD you are
in trouble .... if that starts happening too much, your probably not
prepared sufficiently !
> Georg how did you do ?? If you didn't pass, I think I will throw in the
towel as you seemed to know absolutely everything !
> Regards
> James
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