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RE: INEv2 lab 3 posted 12/14/2004
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How many routes are there from R5 to R6?

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De : Joseph D. Phillips [mailto:josephdphillips@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyi : dimanche 12 dicembre 2004 19:44
@ : group study
Objet : INEv2 lab 3

Has anyone here tried INEv2 lab 3, particulary the hideous 
redistribution requirement?

I spent over four hours on it and couldn't get it to work.

I tried everything, including the exact configs from the solutions guide.

I didn't have any routing loops, but I have a lot of boing-boing:

For instance, R5 to R6 loopback 0:

r5#tr r6

Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to r6 (

  1 28 msec 28 msec 28 msec
  2 32 msec 28 msec

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