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Re: Distance command posted 11/16/2004
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Thanks.  That's what I thought but wanted to make sure there weren't any

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Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 12:40 PM
Subject: RE: Distance command

> Jim,
> If AD was not only local to the router, the routing protocols
> would need some method to carry the AD in their updates.  Just look at
> the RFC's for the say OSPF or RIP and see if you can find any reference
> to AD.  This will answer your question.
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> Subject: Distance command
> Hi guys,
> I just want to confirm my understanding of a detail with the use of the
> above
> command.
> Is it true that no matter which form of the command is used or which
> protocol
> is running, it affects the AD of received routes only on the router on
> which
> it's configured?
> I know, for example, with eigrp, if the distance command is used on
> RTR-1, to
> change the AD to 80, the eigrp routes learned from RTR-1 by RTR-2 will
> show up
> in RTR-2's route table with a AD of 90, not 80.
> Is that logic always true with all routing protocols?  And, is it always
> true
> that if the AD is changed on one router, that doesn't mean that the AD
> needs
> to or should be changed on the other routers running that routing
> protocol?
> TIA, Tim
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