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RE: stupid question BGP Next-hop-self posted 11/13/2004
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either one will work, it depends on what the requirement is. I think Cisco prefers not to redistribute BGP into the IGP, so the next-hop-self on R2 probably is the better option.



From: inlink <inlink@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: stupid question BGP Next-hop-self
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 15:15:57 +0900

 Hi, all
IF R3 know ebgp(bb1) next-hop-self via igp(rip),
does r2 need to next-hop-self for r3?
R3# sh ip bgp
*> i197.68.22.0 0 100 0 254 253 i

R3#sh ip ro rip
R [120/1] via R2, 00:00:26, Serial0/0(R2)

2. r2 next-hop-self
R3# sh ip bgp
*> i197.68.22.0 0 100 0 254 253 i

Which answer is more exactly ?


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