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BGP confederations and LOCAL Preference.. posted 11/10/2004
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Not sure if this is working as designed...

BGP Confederations Scenario:- R1, R2,R3 are in three different
confederations with R1 and R2 in same AS.

R1 and R2 both get BGP advertised routes from R3. The req specifes the
path for the routes should be R3 R1 R2 and vice versa using LOCAL PREF

R1 attracts the routes from R2 using a higher Local Preference.
Noticed that R2 stops advertising routes (recieved from R3) to R1.

If the Local pref is not modified then R1 and R2 both advertise routes
recieved from R3 to each other.

On R1:-  neighbor R2(IP address) route-map out 

Any idea...