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RE: dlsw port numbers fot tcp and fst encaps posted 11/06/2004
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Per RFC 2166 (latest), the answer is yes.

Low IP tcp 11xxx to high IP port 2065.  Either side udp port 0 to udp port
2067 for canureach type questions.

FST is an IP protocol type, and therefore doesn't have a port number.


Scott Morris, MCSE, CCDP, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider)
#4713, JNCIP, CCNA-WAN Switching, CCSP, Cable Communications Specialist, IP
Telephony Support Specialist, IP Telephony Design Specialist, CISSP
CCSI #21903

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What are the port numbers used for DLSW in TCP and FST encapsulations.
I know that TCP 2065 used for TCP but does it also have UDP explorer packets

Please list out the TCP and FST port numbers incase i need to show those
traffic as uninterested for ISDN.
Thank you

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