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RE: About time ! posted 10/31/2004
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Subject: About time !

Dear all
Just a short note to say I finally made it and got my number !
It was an over 2 years arduous journey than nearly cost me my sanity, not
easy when u have a family and obligations.
As it seems it is becoming custom, I thought I should share few things with
you all. But instead of going on about what I did, I will highlight what I
did not do and why I failed before this attempt.
1.	I studied for my theory test and only when I passed, started on
lab itself. What I should have done, was to study for both at the same time
as it would have:
a.	Enhanced my understanding of the theory part and speeded up the
b.	Once Theory was passed, I should have been able to hack my 1st
attempt 6 months later.
2.	I did not have a study plan. I should have listed the various
topics and allocated estimated time to cover them, add sometime for
recapping after that and even unforeseen events. 
3.	I set myself deadlines that were to aggressive, I thought that
was efficient and would speed up my learning process. Instead, what happened
a.	I put loads of unnecessary pressure on myself, which lead to me
missing vital parts in some topics.the rest is history.
b.	Tight deadlines meant no time to relax, as a result I became a
zombie. My performance decreased ad mos importantly I started resenting the
whole thing instead of enjoying the ride.
c.	I ended up going to test unprepared.
4.	I tried to do this myself, I mean material wise. I woke up and
smelt the coffee when I 1st saw IE sample scenario lab book. I worked thru
it and never looked back since. I am sure other books are equally good.
5.	I lied to myself many times. When I thought I understood some
technologies and I did not really. I was fooling myself in to thinking, oh
yeah I know this just so I can move to next topic and meet my deadlines. As
a result, I went to exams hoping I wont get them.well guess what ? This is
CCIE, ur worst nightmare and yes Shi@! Will happen to u.  
6.	I was afraid to go back to basics, I felt it was a failure.
Nonsense ! it is always good to get back to basics as each time you might
learn something new.
But to make a long story short, allow for time to relax, and for unforeseen
events when you are making your study plan. Don't fool yourself in thinking
you understand something when you don't. And finally try to enjoy the
process, the odds are if you work hard and know ur stuff you will end up
with the enjoy the ride !
If you can, get in touch with study partners. They will keep u motivated and
will return the favour. But pick them carefully ! I was lucky enough to have
some damn good study partners, I can recall the number of nights we spent
labbing away !
Good luck to al of you ! 
Sam Meftahi
CCIE #14016

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