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RE: "ESTABLISH_AWAITING_TEI" ISDN error message posted 10/18/2004
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It's also a problem that "debug isdn q921" will help you in gathering
information about!  If you don't see the conversation that you expect to
see, then things may not be right.  :)


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Brian McGahan
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2004 9:13 PM
To: Matthew Seppeler; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: "ESTABLISH_AWAITING_TEI" ISDN error message


	Before you shut/no shut or reload, try a "clear interface bri0".
Like I mentioned in class, the method that you used led you to the
conclusion that it was in fact a problem with the ISDN switch.  Using this
type of method gives you more firepower when presenting the problem to the
proctor, as you can say I tried a,b,c and d, and it still doesn't work.  The
lack of a layer 3 configuration (you don't need an IP address
BTW) is indicative that the problem relies at layer 2.


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> -----Original Message-----
> From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
> Matthew Seppeler
> Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2004 11:58 AM
> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: "ESTABLISH_AWAITING_TEI" ISDN error message
> ISDN is probably one of the most quirky things I had the pleasure of 
> dealing with in preparing for the R&S exam.  However, thanks to the
> of the Brian McGahan with Internetwork Experts and the Mock Lab class
> took the other week, I've settled into an almost foolproof way of 
> minimizing the headaches of configuring ISDN.  If you are in the final 
> stretch in preparing for the lab, it's a class well worth the money.
> The basis for this email is to point out a case where it was required
> reload the ISDN switch in getting ISDN layer 2 working.  Below are the 
> steps I followed in configuring ISDN with the minimal configuration 
> needed to get to this point of configuration:
> 1)      Shut down the BRI interface.
> 2)      Assigned an IP address to the interface.
> 3)      Assigned the ISDN switch type to the interface.
> 4)      Assigned the spids if required.  In this case, yes as we are
> using basic-ni.
> 5)      No shut on the BRI  interface.
> 6)      Verified Layer 2 connectivity with the show ISDN status.  You
> should see "multiple frame stabled" with "valid" spids.
> 7)      Run the command "isdn test call int b0/0 string" to test that
> the circuit comes up.
> If after running all these steps, this will verify that the ISDN
> is indeed ok.  Any further issues with ISDN will be a result of the 
> config as extra stuff is added.
> Well, it looks like I found one of those rare cases that the ISDN
> is to blame.  Nope, it was not due to wrong spids or switch type.
> after I did a reload on the router, I was still not able to get ISDN 
> layer 2 connectivity up and working with the basic step followed
> The error message when doing a "show isdn status" shows that the Layer
> status shows as "ESTABLISH_AWAITING_TEI" or "await establishment"
> with invalid spids.  I kid you not, all I had to do to resolve this 
> issue was to reload the ISDN switch.  Fortunately, the rack I was on 
> gives you access to reload the ISDN switch.  This is not my own rack
> add.  It was rented from RackTimeRentals and is one of the reasons why
> like using their racks.  Great job Bill with providing this feature
> our use!
> Being that I've run into this problem before, I was quick enough to
> my config for my configuration steps as well as steps taken to resolve 
> this issue.  Below is input if you wish to review in further detail:

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