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MCAST questions posted 10/16/2004
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Please verify these questions,
1) If there are 2 paths between 2 routers and if multicast with pim/dense/sparse
mode is enabled, what is the decision criterial to select the path.
Does ip mroute static command influence on deciding the path ? 
(I know that ip mroute is used for influencing the rpf check but not sure about 
the actual traffic).

I have 2 paths between R1 and R3, through frame-relay serial and GRE Tunnel.
Now Tunnel IPs are not part of any IGP and i still see that remote router
is joining through the tunnel. 

I am wonderig what is the path decision critira for the mcast traffic
to pick the tunnel interface ?

2) My requirement says to enable a multicast mode in which if sparse
fail, dense should kick in and i think the answer is pim sparse-dense
Also sice this setup is a multipoint frame connectivity and i hv to
enable ip pim
nbma mode. 

The complexity here is that according to the documentation pim nbma
mode should be enabled only when the type is "sparse" mode. But if the
type i configure as sparse mode, i will not meet the original
requirment (if sparse fails dense mode should kick in)

Any advice please