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RE: Bootcamps2 posted 09/30/2004
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One more thing .....there is no such thing as "personal" tutor "ALL" the smart Toonsh Dosh:
Lear from our MISTAKES.....
"Walker, James - Is" <JWALKER2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've attended the CyscoExpert Bootcamp out of Chicago and I highly recommend it.
They are great bunch of people and their practice labs are awesome.

I practically had a CCIE working with me at all times. A personal CCIE tutor
can't ask for more.

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Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 9:29 AM
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Subject: Bootcamps

Hi ,

I am thinking of attending a bootcamp to brush up on the odds and ends, and 
am considering attending the one offered by Cyscoexperts. I would appreciate 
any feedback from previous attendees of this bootcamp.

Many thanks

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