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BGP default route with condition posted 09/29/2004
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I have BGP default route problem with this require:

Configure your network so that R8 will have a default route pointing to R7. You are allowed to configure a default route on R7 but no configuration is allowed on R8 for this step. This default-route should only appear in R8's ( the original Workbook is R7's) routing table when R7 is able to reach the subnet. Is this possible ?

I am use the simple command under to let the R7 send out the default route to R8.

neighbor default-originate

but how to remove the default route when R7 can not reach the subnet ?

the solution in that book use route-map like:

neighbor default-originate route-map DEF
route-map DEF permit 10
match ip address 1
route-map DEF permit 20

access-list 1 permit

Is this correct ? I can not get any sense for this.
As I know the standard access-list is for packet source address match, so that just match if the packet come from subnet then route-map match it. Right ?