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Re: rip/eigrp posted 09/24/2004
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Hi Carloas,
Good  point,  I nevert though of that. If I give offset list of 15 for that network.  If we redistribute from eigrp to rip, will that network is still visible.  I have to try in the lab. 
Thanks for the response.
Carlos G Mendioroz <tron@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This network is already in RIP w/o redistribution.
AFAIK, there is no way of not letting RIP know directly about it, cause 
there is no network mask for the rip protocol.
If what you want is for it to "behave as", then an offset list could help.

mani poopal wrote:

> Hi Group,
> Assume following configuration. R1 is running EIGRP, R2 running RIP and EIGRP and R3 running RIP.
> R1 R2 R3
> -------
> Redistribution is happening at R2.
> R2 configuration:
> router rip
> network
> redistribute eigrp 100 metric 5
> router eigrp 100
> network
> redistribute rip metric 1000 1 250 100 1500
> Question: Even before redistribution network apperas in the R3 routing table as a RIP route with a metric of one. After the redistribution, still the network apperas with metric of one not five(R3 thinks route as RIP learned route(same major network) and not redistributed eigrp route. How can we make this network appera as eigrp redistributed network(RIP metric 5). In the RIP process if we deny with distribute-list command this network will not visible even with redistribution. Any suggestion is appreciated.
> thanks
> Mani
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