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Re: SNA LLC 0x0000 0x0d0d and 0x0404 0x0001 posted 09/22/2004
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Hi guys,
The url does not say how they got(0x0404 0x0001instead of 0x0000 0x0d0d) guys If they ask you to allow only SNA 4 and 8 with only one statement (not too lines) how to do it.

gladston@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Trying to find a Cisco UniverCD URL with SNA LLC (in case the stress makes us forget) I found this:

access-list 202 permit 0x0404 0x0001 ! Permits SNA frames (command or response)

I was used to see 0x0000 0x0d0d, which allows SNA 0, 4, 8 and C. Why 0404 is used by Cisco in this example?

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