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RE: 2nd attempt - failed posted 09/21/2004
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Ty sorry to hear about ur result !! i think dont think fabout it for a week about what u did wrong or what went wrong or u wont take it again. Let it cool and then if u have the lab written down for uself and for ur ref see what could have gone wrong...after a week...maybe lab it and u may find some issues. U could try finding answers and looking at ur scores u maybe able to guess what possibly went wrong.We all have gone thru the same and as John said it hurts (and even i have gone thru it.)
John: With rgds to ur statement  ("As I have stated before, the lab exam workbooks were made before the lab exam blueprint was written ) i somehow will have to disagree as u know nothing about the Cisco internal process and how and when the proctors change it. There is a very streamlined process and it changes with lot of internal devlopment and thorough testing..this is all i can say.Please dont comment without complete information on forums like this.I dont want to start any fight !!!.

john matijevic <matijevi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I understand your frustration, in spending lots of money on bootcamps,
books, lab exam fees, and the emotional disappointment to yourself,
family and friends. Through a system of trial and error I have found the
most efficient study methods. I took the lab exam 5 times, so I
definitely understand your frustration and I used many different
materials, as I have stated before, the lab exam workbooks were made
before the lab exam blueprint was written. Also did you study the new
cisco press book, and not just read, but lab out and read the entire
book? If you need free rack time to do the cisco press lab book, please
let me know. Also look at my website if you need any additional
services. I wish you the best of luck.


John Matijevic, CCIE #13254, MCSE, CNE, CCEA
IgorTek Inc.
151 Crandon Blvd. #402
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Hablo Espanol

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Subject: 2nd attempt - failed

I got my lab results from my test on Friday Sept. 17th.
Need to sit for the R&S lab again.

I'm to the point where I don't like putting in 8 hours a day, as I don't
feel it is getting me anywhere.

I'm sure I am not the only one that gets frustrated with this. A friend
mine took it four times. He didn't study at all between the 3rd and 4th
attempt, and passed. Maybe I am reading to much into the questions and
keeping things simple.

I am using IPExpert and I feel really comfortable with the workbook,
and audio CD's.
They have been very good to me, and have offered me excellent customer

The fault lies with me and what I read into the question on the exam.
I do understand the question, I think I just don't look at it in a
I typically see more than one way to resolve a question, but it seems
that I
am choosing the "wrong" right exactly what the proctor
to see. I'm starting to think that the exam is not results based as
when you get your score report.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,


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