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RE: Sample LS1010 config [bcc][faked-from] posted 09/21/2004
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Only one command per PVC is required. See below. The one command "atm
pvc 1 66  interface  ATM0/0/0 1 55" will create a PVC between int
ATM/0/0/0 and int ATM0/0/1.

interface ATM0/0/0
interface ATM0/0/1
 atm pvc 1 66  interface  ATM0/0/0 1 55

Marc Russell
Network Learning, Inc. (Cisco Training) (Cisco hardware)

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I got assigned a rack of equipment, and it looks like no pvcs are built
the LS1010, does anyone have a good sample config on how you do the
equivalent of the frame-relay route commands for ATM?








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