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RE: Cisco Press lab 2 BGP question... posted 09/17/2004
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Hello Andrew,
Please let me know if you have remote access available. That command is
not documented in the doccd in the 12.215(14)T version IOS that you
stated earlier I believe. It was only used as in a limited release of
12.0 ios version,, as I had stated. I am wondering if that command is a
hidden command, or appears on the options. Can you also post your bgp
table, after using that command, if you cant is it the same as the
answer key in the book? I cant reproduce your issue, because I don't
have an ios version that has that command, but if you can provide remote
access, I am more than willing to take a look at it. 

John Matijevic, CCIE #13254, MCSE, CNE, CCEA
IgorTek Inc.
151 Crandon Blvd. #402
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Hablo Espanol

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I did the BGP section last night (finally got away from other
responsibilities to turn on rack).

Anyhow, I did use the bgp next-hop-unchanged command on R1-R4 peering to
so R4 saw the as next hop.

I was intriguted though at WHAT I thought happened.

I noticed that the next hop advertised to R4 was unchanged for the route, but NOT for the other eBGP routes.

What I was wondering, and am hoping someone can tell me, is why didn't
the next hop remain unchanged for all the eBGP routes R1 sent to R4?  At
least that's what I remember... 


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