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Re: Failed RS lab [7:92677] posted 09/11/2004
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I agree,

college should be a primary focus, I'm currently going to school, doing the military thing and pursuing certs...Every decent job I've looked at required a degree as well as certifications. Doesnt mattter what it's in, as long as you have that piece of paper. Also, If you have a security clearance...this is gold to employers, especially around the D.C. area.


Josh Lauer

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Subject: RE: Failed RS lab [7:92677]

Considering that many employers won't even look at a resume these days if
you do not have a college degree of some sort on there, I would think that
should be a primary goal to complete.

Industry membership is nice. Notoriety certainly helps, but all it takes is
one hard-nosed HR person to quash the hiring of the most experiences person
by not being able to check off a required box of "college degree" or
something like that.

The degree you have doesn't necessarily need to reflect your area of
expertise. I'm a journalism/photojournalism major, and it's not caused any
issues to this point. But having the college degree helps.

With the economy where it is, many (read: not all) employers are setting
higher standards and are generally able to stick to them. Look at your
target job market though, do some research. Decide what it is that you want
to do and then figure out what is necessary to get there! Sometimes in our
professional life we make little pit-stops along the way that may not make a
whole lot of sense but are necessary to make the journey smoother.


Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, CISSP, JNCIP, et al. IPExpert CCIE Program Manager IPExpert Sr. Technical Instructor swm@xxxxxxxxxx/smorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: RE: Failed RS lab [7:92677]

Quoting Cisco Nuts <cisconuts@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Well said..Mike...

I have been on this forum for over 6 years and time after time, I read
about people who either are bashing the CCIE program or/and College
education!! I am sick and tired from hearing from these losers!! The
grapes are sour, my the only thing I can tell these guys!!

I am not intending to "bash." I am trying to inject a note of reality into
quite a number of recent posts on what it means to know a technology.

There is simply one thing and only one thing:

Have/Get Both !!!!!!!!!!!

Or, either in addition to or instead of, do other things to gain status in one's industry. Get active in professional societies (ACM, IEEE). Participate in the IETF or NANOG, if just on mailing lists. Speak at trade conferences and write for the industry press.

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