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RE: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ? posted 09/05/2004
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Like most anything, it is only as useful as you make it.

I have listened to a few of the CDs from IPexpert and to be quite honest, if
you just listen to them in your car while driving to and from work, they are
of limited value. You may get some inspirations of things to watch out for,
but you probably won't remember them.

What I did try was to listen to a CD in a quiet room, taking notes, and I
have found them to be quite effective (however, it takes about an hour and a
half to get through one CD this way, as you need to stop it to get down the
nuggets of info, and to check your routers to see what the actual commands
are (especially on the obscure stuff you are not quite familiar with)

The other thing is I have found it is quite useful to create your own
workbook, not use the one that comes with it, this way you are developing a
guide for yourself from the CDs...

The problem is that I have only gotten a small sample (the first three CDs)
and it kind of makes you want quite a bit more... I am probably going to
have to buy the things.

This is the other problem, the cost. They aren't cheap at about $700...

Which, to be honest, isn't that bad, but still more than I have lying
around... (To be quite honest, I would rather save the $700 and use that
cash to go to Scott's bootcamp...)


Jonathan Charles

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Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 12:10
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Subject: RE: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ?

Hi Wayne,
I have no doubt that this is an excellent product and  you have been very
helpful in  answering my questions.
Just wanted to get some feedback from ppl. here who have used the product.

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Wayne Lawson
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 5:10 AM
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Subject: Re: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ?


  I can comment on our (IPexpert) product.  I have no idea of the IE
product. If you have any additional questions that I have not addressed,
please feel free to email me directly at wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxx or contact me at

  The IPexpert Audio Series was a designed product that was delivered by 
Scott Morris in a professional studio - recorded and edited by a
professional audio certification recording corporation (
Scott lectures 
on the topics in the IPexpert Student Handbook providing detailed overviews
various technologies and protocols.  There's approximately 18 to 20 hours of

lecture burned to 17 CDs - that can be listened to - all coming in a single
w/ a hard carrying case.  We will be releasing some updates shortly -
updates that could be expected w/ the 12.2T release.  These updates are
provided to out existing customer base free of charge.

  You can review a sample here:

  A listing of the topics in our Audio Boot Camp is as follows:

Product Outline

Module 1, Test Taking Strategies
Module 2, Layer 2 Technologies

01 Frame Relay 
 LMI and Frame Relay Topologies 
 Layer 2 to Layer 3 Mapping 
 Interface Types 
 Back to Back Relay 
 Split Horizon 
 Auto Install 
 IETF Caveats

02 ATM 
 Basic ATM Operations 
 PVC Auto Discovery 
 Layer 2 to Layer 3 Mapping 
 PPP over ATM 

03 ISDN 
 Topology Basics 
 Dialer Profiles 
 Minimum Configurations 
 Dialing Options 
 Backup Methods

04 Bridging 
 Bridging Types 
 Concurrent Routing and Bridging 
 Integrated Routing and Bridging 
 Configuration Options

05 Catalyst 3550 Switches 
 Layer 2 Aspects 
 VTP Basics 
 Spanning Tree 
 VLAN Access Lists 
 Monitor Sessions 
 Private VLANs 
 Port Security / UDLD 
 QoS and Trust Levels

06 Web Cache 
 Web Cache Control Configuring 
 Protocol Route Cache

Module 3, Layer 3 Technologies

07 General Networking 
 Networking Concepts 
 Passive Interface 
 Split Horizon 
 Administrative Distance

08 RIP 
 Version of RIP 
 Manipulating RIP 
 Route Tagging 
 ACL Filtering 
 Default Route

 EIGRP General Protocol 
 Neighbor Options 
 Route Summarization 
 EIGRP Stub Routing

10 OSPF 
 OSFF Fundamentals 
 Router IDs 
 Interface Types 
 OSPF and Frame Relay 
 Loop back Interface 
 Virtual Links 
 Tweaking OSPF Timers 
 ISDN Difficulties

11 On Demand Routing

12 IS-IS 
 IS-IS Operations 
 Configuring IS-iS 
 IS-IS in a NBMA Network 
 IS-IS over PPP 
 Mismatched Link Types 

13 BGP 
 Basic BGP Fundamentals 
 AS-Path List 
 BGP Peering 
 Next Hop 
 Multihop EBGP 
 Path Selection In BGP 
 Transit AS 
 Route Aggregation 
 Authentication Administrative Options 
 Back Door Routing 
 Non-exist Maps 
 Route Reflectors 
 Peer Groups 
 Route Dampening 
 Soft Reconfiguration 
 Prefix List Vs. Extended ACL 
 Regular Expressions

14 Route Redistribution 
 Routing Protocol Nuances 
 Route Maps

15 Multicast 
 Multicast Concepts 
 Multicast Addressing 
 Distribution Trees 
 Protocol Independent Multicast 
 Multicast Stub Routing 
 Multicast and Frame Relay 
 Multicast to Broadcast Conversion 
 Multicast Miscellaneous 
 Session Directory Announcements

Module 4, Miscellaneous Technologies

16 DLSW 
 DLSW Basics 
 Encapsulations Types 
 Peering Options 
 Multiple Peering Paths 
 DLSW Priority 
 DLSW Filtering 
 DLSW Verification

17 Network Time Protocol

18 Simple Network Management Protocol

19 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

20 Router Redundancy 

21 DRP

22 Access Lists 
 Tips and Tricks

23 Tunnels

24 Network Address Translation

25 IPSec

26 Reverse Path Forwarding

27 Voice over IP

28 Quality of Service 

 Overview and Background 
 Queuing Types 
 Shaping and Policing 
 Additional Management Techniques 
 Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing

29 Conclusions

Hope this Helps! 

- Wayne Lawson
- President - IPexpert, Inc.

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From: "bccie" bccie@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat,  4 Sep 2004 15:57:31 -0400
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ?

> hi guys,
> i'm new to the list.. apologize for asking if this has been discussed 
> before
> I'm looking for some kind of Audio Bootcamp to help me prepare for my 
> CCIE.Checked out IPExpert .. looks good. has any one tried 
> InternetworkExpert Audio Series ? any feedback on that ? its almost  
> 1/2 the price of IPExp. Also I couldn't find any Audio-Sample on 
> InternetworkExp. website..  any one knows if they have any samples 
> listed?
> apreciate all the help.
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