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Re: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ? posted 09/04/2004
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I have Scott's (IPexpert's) audio bootcamp. I got it b/c I also attended his
bootcamp live, and I just couldn't get enough PAIN in my life! ;)

Seriously tho, I highly recommend going live AND getting the cd's for an
excellent review source. Barring the ability to do both, and if you can, go
live! Barring that, then the cd's rock. They are great for long drives...
having done alot of driving lately, I play them over and again for a great
source for reinforcement.

I cannot comment on InternetworkExpert's product, tho I'm sure it's very

Which ever company you do choose, you won't be let down, I can assure you.
But, if you can do BOTH, I highly recommend it!


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Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 2:57 PM
Subject: audio bootcamp series : IE or IpExp ?

> hi guys,
> i'm new to the list.. apologize for asking if this has been discussed
> before
> I'm looking for some kind of Audio Bootcamp to help me prepare for my
> CCIE.Checked out IPExpert .. looks good.
> has any one tried InternetworkExpert Audio Series ? any feedback on that ?
> its almost  1/2 the price of IPExp. Also I couldn't find any Audio-Sample
> InternetworkExp. website..  any one knows if they have any samples listed?
> apreciate all the help.
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