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RE: Hyperterm problems posted 06/23/2004
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Hypertrem works like crap with XP.  I've had the same problems you're
having and don't know a workaround for it.  I recommend that you use
SecureCRT instead.

>From: "ccie2be" <ccie2be@xxxxxxxxxx> >Reply-To: "ccie2be"
<ccie2be@xxxxxxxxxx> >To: "Group Study" <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Hyperterm problems >Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 17:18:51 -0400 > >Hi
guys, > >The other day I telnetted into a remote terminal server via the
internet to do >a practice lab.  I used the Hyperterm applet with the
default settings that >came with my Windows XP box.  I had 2 problems I
wasn't able to correct. > >1. When text scrolled above the telnet window
it became illegible and >2. The up arrow key didn't work to recall
commands I had previously entered. > >I know there are many other free
telnet applications I could use, but I'm >wondering if there's a way to
configure Hyperterm so as to not have these >problems. > >TIA, Tim >
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