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RE: Question on ATM... posted 06/23/2004
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I, too, feel there is a severe lack of resources available on this
topic. If anyone has any "ATM notes", etc, that applies to possible ATM
connectivity topics on the lab exam, I would certainly appreciate the


Kenneth E. Wygand 
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Network+, A+
Custom Computer Specialists, Inc. 
"The only unattainable goal is the one not attempted."

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Subject: Question on ATM...

I am having some confusion on when to use virtual template in ATM
configuration & in the test if they ask not to use inverse arp then is
safe to use virtual template with ciscosnapppp (I don't recall the exact
keyword) encapsulation ? or configuring static map, which will inturn
disable the inverse arp by default would be suitable here..
  Please advise..

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