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RE: Produce and CCIE Labs posted 06/18/2004
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Following up with Howard's "humor ;-)", I'd like to add that my lab attempts talk to me... they keep saying "ORANGE you just gonna pass this one already!!"... of course, by the time I leave I'm always thinking "This lab is the PITS!".
Boy, it's been a long week!

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	Subject: Produce and CCIE Labs

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	>   As soon as the Afternoon Lab session begins, "grab the low hanging 

	Keep a sense of humor and perspective.  It is, however, an 
	interesting question about the fruit. 

	1. AppleTalk is out. 
	2. VTP Pruning is in. 
	3. No more Big Fat Orange Ethernet cables 
	4. Cisco doesn't ever manufacture lemons, does it? (can we say "Ascend Killer? 
	    No, Cisco would rather forget that.) 
	5. No more VINES for the grapes. 
	6. Dial backup causes the raisin of DTE. 
	7. HSRP is defined between router pears, right? 

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