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Re: Congratulations Scott Morris posted 06/17/2004
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Congratulations Scott!  Though I haven't passed a CCIE lab, I can say with utmost certainty, that you will get much more satisfaction in raising your daughter than getting any of your CCIE's.  Enjoy!
"Tell 'em Widgewam sent ya!"

Wayne Lawson <groupstudy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Typically I wouldn't post something personal on this list, but many of you 
know Scott personally - and he's been a valuable contributor to this list! 
With that being said - I'd like to congratulate Scott Morris and his wife 
(Carrie) on the birth of their first child - daughter - Sydney Ann. She was 
born bright and early this AM, both Carrie and the Baby are doing 
find....Scott, well - he fainted and has a huge lump on his head! 
(grin).....Oh, Sydney has already passed the CCIE written and will be taking 
the lab shortly...Scott doesn't waste any time - does he?!? -smile- 

Thanks - We Truly Appreciate Your Business! 

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