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ISIS redistribute connected issue posted 06/04/2004
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     Hi All,

     I think the following is an interesting redistribution issue, any
comments would be highly appreciated.


R8 and R1 run OSPF

R1 and R3 run ISIS

OSPF and ISIS are mutually distributed

The link between R1 and R3 is not redistributed by ISIS into OSPF (known

This can be fixed by redistributing connected within OSPF

I tested it but it does not work when redistributing connected in ISIS ,

Isn't it not possible to redistribute connected within ISIS at all?

router ospf 100



 redistribute connected subnets route-map link87

 redistribute isis level-2 metric 20 subnets tag 115

 network area 0

 network area 0


router isis

 redistribute connected metric 14 metric-type external level-1-2

 redistribute ospf 100 metric 4

      net 01.0000.0000.1111.00



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