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Re: RTP posted 05/17/2004
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Last time I had my flight at 5:15, and made it with plenty of time. Takes
about 20 minutes to the airport. The people at the desk called me a cab, and
it was there in 5 minutes. Just make sure you get a good look around the
airport on your flight in, so you know where everything is.. I found check
in was very fast, and the airport was not at all busy, (was on a Monday).
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From: "Ahmed Mustafa" <ahmed.mustafa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 2:13 PM
Subject: RTP

> Does anyone know how croweded the NC' Durham's airport is? I will be
taking my
> lab soon.  The lab finishes at 4:00pm, and the only return flight I am
> leaves at 5:54pm.  Is less than 2-hour window will be good enough,
> on how busy the airport is.
> Lot of you have taken the lab at RTP, and will appreciate help.
> Regards,
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