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Re: Third attempt posted 05/11/2004
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At 10:46 PM -0700 5/10/04, Tim Fewkes wrote:

I am hearing more about 'security clearances' these days, probably because I've got more friends from the east coast than I used to. People who stay on the west coast don't really ever talk about it. How does a normal tax-paying American qualify for a security clearance, if you haven't served in the armed forces?

As an individual, you can't. Security clearances are only granted under the sponsorship of an employer with a contract for classified work, which authorizes a certain number of "billets" for people to hold clearances. In general, once you have a clearance, it can be transferred, or reactivated up to two years after it's been active.

It's very much a chicken-and-egg situation in the Washington DC area. There is extreme demand for people that already hold high-level security clearances, which can be transferred to the new employer without waiting many months for a security investigation.

Thomas Larus [tlarus@xxxxxxx] wrote:
 get a really high-level job based on "CCIE alone."  Almost all will also
 have experience and/or good educational credentials and/or a security
 clearance, etc.