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MockLab posted 05/10/2004
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  Hello group,  I just wanted to say that I strongly recommend
NetmasterClass MockLab
<> . I took it last Friday
after work and guys, you don't imagine how I sweated !! I am sure that
anyone that took it before me can confirm this.

 Every section had several tricks to catch on. But the best is the detailed
grading and the comments from the proctor who showed me my weak points. I
can compare with other vendors and trust me, it is a real detailed report.
Not to mention the usual "Checkit" for those who are using the LabWorkbook.
Each "SpottheIssue" is deeply explained. Lastly, thanks to the tool
"SHOWIT" I am able to compare my configuration to the final config solution.

I am being sincere, go and give it a try, you won't regret !!  And you will
know where you are at your preparation,