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RE: set metric-type internal command- posted 05/07/2004
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Thanks to Alvaro-from cisco.
But we need to confirm in our router.will get you back once it works.

-----Original Message-----
From: Alvaro Retana  
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 12:46 AM
To: Mohamed
Subject: Re: set metric-type internal command-

On Thu, 6 May 2004, Mohamed wrote:


-> I agree while redistribution,the BGP takes the metric of IGP.But what

-> role does set metric-type int cmd play in it ?  Irrespective of 
-> whether we give the cmd or not, the metric is taken by BGP.Please 
-> help me to understand the command.

The intent of 'set metric-type internal' is to dynamically propagate
metric changes using MED.

When redistribution occurs, the BGP routes do use the IGP metric.
However, if the route is still reachable but the metric changes (in
other words, the route doesn't flap), then the MED won't be modified.
'set metric-type internal' pretty much starts a timer for the router to
periodically check the current metric of the route...and if it changed
to advertise a new BGP route w/the appropriate MED.

Hope this helps!